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May 25, 2011
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WPN:Misaki Rui by AzureBlaxis WPN:Misaki Rui by AzureBlaxis
Edit: Changed her group from Roberta to Patricia. I don't know why but =lackless said she better suited that group lol.

Excuse me if some of the information is lacking or makes no sense, it's night and I'm tired. English is also not my mother tongue, so obviously, I'm bad at it.
:bulletyellow:Name: Misaki Rui

:bulletyellow:Age: 17 , she is nearing the age of 18

:bulletyellow:Height/Wieght: 5'5"/127lbs

:bulletyellow:Puella Group: Patricia

:bulletyellow:Job: Acrobat

Misaki's main weapon. The ribbon is unbreakable and can extend into any length and bend to Misaki's will. From the underside of the ribbon, Misaki can call upon an infinite number of throwing knives that she can use to attack her enemies. The ribbon can also harden into a blade. Once it becomes a blade, it loses it's flexibility and cannot change shape unless it resumes it's ribbon form. In it's blade form, Misaki cannot call out knives. Misaki favors this weapon as it does not use as much magical energy.

~Juggling Pins
Misaki can call upon an infinite number of juggling pins from hammer spaces, though she prefers to call out five at a time. She uses these juggling pins as powerful projectiles which are quite heavy and will explode on contact. Misaki isn't too fond of these weapons even though it's power is quite formidable due to it using a lot of energy.

:bulletyellow:Wish: "I wish for everyone to watch me perform."

~Mature, calm and collected.
~She is the "ideal older sister" type of person. However, this side of her doesn't mask the fact that she won't hesitate to sacrifice a junior if she thinks it is necessary.
~She's not the type to actively seek out fights, however if one were to somewhat impose their ideals on her, she won't hesitate to cut that person down.
~She's a bit of a narcissist. She wants everyone to know that she's the dominant female, but she knows when to lay low.
~Somewhat Sadistic (I'm not sure but I think she's sardonic).

~Dragonflies, hence her symbol. Dragonflies actually hold a deeper meaning to her as a character.
~Performing before a large crowd.
~Successfully defeating a witch.
~Assuring dominance over others.

~For others to impose their ideals on her.
~For another to challenge her.
~Losing her "prey" [witch].

~Misaki is the daughter of a magician and a former acrobat. Her mother died giving birth to her so she spent all her life with her father, living with him on a traveling circus.
~Living on said circus, Misaki would soon learn tricks from her father and become a performer herself. For quite a while she was his personal assistant, until she started to do acrobatics as her mother had once did. She performed alongside three other girls who acted as big sisters to her.
~She soon found out that the older girls had become Puella Magi. Since the circus traveled a lot, it was common for them to meet up with a witch. The three would share the grief seeds they harvested. Misaki kept watch on the three of them and wished to be a Puella Magi someday. This was also the time when she had first met Kyubey.
~As time passed, Misaki noticed that her three "sisters" had become less and less active in their performances. She tried to approach them but none of them bothered to speak to her. They all avoided her and everyone else.The ringmaster, worried about an up coming show decided to have Misaki's solo debut on stage. She got excited and wanted her "sisters" to watch so she told them.
~When her "sisters" found out about the news, they felt betrayed and started to fight witch each other, blaming the other for their predicament. Misaki tried to stop them but was too powerless as each had entered their Puella Magi form. One of them, over come by her grief, broke down and became a witch. This revelation horrified the other two. They manage to dispatch the witch, their former friend, since then, none of them ever spoke to the other.
~On the day Misaki was to perform, she got so upset at what had happened to her friends. The ringmaster seeing his young performer in such a condition got upset and worried and was looking for someone who could cheer her up. Misaki's father tried to cheer her but to no avail. It was then that Kyubey came and asked her what was wrong. Misaki told him that she was upset at what had happened to her sisters and that she wished with all her heart that they could come and watch her perform. That's when Kyubey offered to grant her her wish.
~Misaki accepted the contract, already knowing the costs for such a contract because for her, this was what mattered the most for the moment. She did not only wish for her sisters to come and watch her perform, but for everyone to come and do so as well. Her wish was granted and her sisters and everyone in town came to watch her performance. She was happy, but she hadn't realized that her wish would be the cause of a tragedy.
~A witch that had been waiting silently in a corner to awaken, came to life just as her performance ended. The manifestation of the witch right in the middle pf the tent trapped everyone inside her barrier. The remaining two Puella Magi were quick to react but due to them still being in emotional and mental trauma, were easily dispatched by the witch. In the end, Misaki finished the witch off.
~After the event, Misaki started to walk around alone, with only Kyubey by her side. She ended up in another traveling circus that by some luck, happened to pass by her route. She stayed with her new family until they reached Mitakihara. Misaki caught wind of an up coming Walpurgis and decided to stick around for the event. Somehow she ended up joining the Patricia.

~Because of her wish, Misaki seems to have an unresistable charm. Her "dancing" [fighting style] somehow "charms" familiars into watching her. This distracts said familiars while she takes out their parent witch.
~Misaki can be likened to a dragonfly. For the most of her life, she lived as a "nymph" an immature person. When she had known of her "sisters" secret and met Kyubey, she started to take her first steps into flight. When she makes the contract with Kyubey she enters the stage of becoming an "adult dragonfly" and starts to mature faster and starts to live her life to it's fullest.
~Misaki's life in the circus wasn't THAT rough, neither was it a fairy tail. Her life there was what had made her into an "open-minded" girl.
~Misaki doesn't mind working in a pair or a group, especially when the group is mostly composed of younger or novice Puella Magi. She usually looks after them until she's sure they can handle themselves. If she thinks one of these Puella Magi seem like they won't last, she would usually urge that Magi on into becoming a witch, then harvest her grief seed.
~She will sometimes perform on the streets just to gather some spare change.
~Misaki first found out her sisters' secret at the age of 5, this is when she met Kyubey, two years later, at the age of 7, she became a Puella Magi herself. She's been a Puella ever since.
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