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December 3, 2010
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PokePalace:Ashran and HoTsin by AzureBlaxis PokePalace:Ashran and HoTsin by AzureBlaxis
:note:I will point this out as soon as possible seeing as how the group's being revamped and I have no way of updating this ref sheet anytime soon.

I've already made clear that this is Ashran's performing clothes. If you still don't get it, it's her dance clothes. You know, belly dancers? Street rat from Persia if it existed?. That's where Ashran's character was based off other than the fire dancers.

If you guys want to see her casual clothes then here they are (I found that I don't have a picture of Ashran's dress anywhere on here =_=; )

Casual Clothes:
I'll post it when I draw it. KTHNXBAI.

Casual Clothes(Male): [link]
Ash wears this whenever she travels since walking around in a dress can be a big annoyance, especially when your klepto senses are tingling and you find yourself stealing from a bandit.

Casual Clothes(Simple): [link]
By simple, I mean a hell lot more simpler than Ashran's usual dress. It's a simple one piece dress that she usually wears over her dancer clothes. She takes off her bloomers mind you.
:bulletred:Name: Ashran

:bulletred:Pokemon: Male Chimchar named HoTsin

:bulletred:Gender: Female

:bulletred:Birthdate: January 17

:bulletred:Age: 16 years old

:bulletred:Height: 5'3"

:bulletred:Job: Dancer (Gypsy)

:bulletred:Kingdom: Oneiros

:bulletred:Ability: Blaze

:bulletred:Level: 2

~Fire Punch

:bulletred:Likes: Ashran LOVES ANYTHING that is small, cute, and fluffy. She loves babies a lot as well. When it comes to food, Ash loves anything that's sweet. Ash seems to have a weakness to anything that's shiny/sparkly/brightly colored/intricate designs and would, on impulse, steal it. She also seems to love teasing ukes shy people and challenge semes anyone with authority just for the fun of it. She also LOVES playing with fire. And yes, she loves fire pokemon. A LOT.

HoTsin loves spicy food and anything that's brightly colored and/or sparkly. He also seems to love the idea of flying in the air someday. He tends to stay in very high places. He loves it a lot when all the attention goes to him. HoTsin loves his friend Ashran a lot and easily gets jealous when Ash turns her attention on someone else. Espeacially anything else that's cute and cuddly.

:bulletred:Dislikes: Ash dislikes the authorities by A LOT. She also hates anybody who would pick on anyone who's obviously weaker than them. She dislikes closed spaces or being cooped up in one place too long. She doesn't like staying still... at all. Ash also dislikes water. She's PETRIFIED of water. She can't swim.

Simply put, HoTsin hates ANYONE(especially kids or other baby pokemon) who manage to snag Ashran's attention. Heck he doesn't want to get ignored AT ALL. He also dislikes water... A LOT and can't stand being in closed places.

:bulletred:Personality: Ash has a very upbeat and lively personality. She's VERY hyperactive and won't stay still. She LOVES pulling pranks on people, especially those she's "marked" as her prey. She seems to be prone to stealing things that she likes. If she doesn't get what she wants half of the time, she'll throw a tantrum.

HoTsin's a very active little monkey who can't stay put AT ALL. He has anger management issues and is prone to throwing tantrums. Especially when he can't get what he wants, especially when it comes to attention and Ashran's affection. But putting all that aside, he's a very playful little primate who's very kind and caring, especially if he likes you a lot. Just expect him to ask for your undivided attention though.

Ashran was abandoned as a baby in the streets of Persia(Some random place in another continent probably). She was found by some gypsies and was raised by them taking her to distant lands as they traveled. Eventually however, at the age of 12, Ash decided to embark on her own travels, running away from the gypsies that had raised her.

A year later, while traveling down the Silkroad, a merchant route used by many, Ash met up with an old Chinese merchant who was carrying a sick, newly hatched Chimchar. At that time Ash was running out of food and asked for food from the man who gladly gave her some. For the rest of the way, she traveled with the man, helping him take care of the sick Chimchar until he became well again. Eventually they came to the kingdom of Oneiros and Ash loved the city and longed to stay there. On the day she said her goodbyes to the merchant, and to her friend HoTsin, the merchant gave her the Chimchar seeing as how the two seemed perfect for each other. The overjoyed girl thanked the merchant and with her newfound companion said their goodbyes to the merchant.

Ever since then, Ashran and HoTsin had been performing in the streets of Oneiros, sometimes visiting other kingdoms during the festival time to make money.

:bulletred:Additional Info:
-Ashran is dead scared of Spinarak and Ariados. It because of her fear of those two pokemon that she's sometimes afraid with being around poison type or any spider-like pokemon.
-Ashran is a kleptomaniac.
-Ash usually makes her own clothes from things she finds(or steals).
-Most of the gold and jewelry Ashran has were given to her by the gypsies that took care of her. The rest are either pilfered or earned through her performances. As well as gifts from enticed nobles.
-Ash actually has some casual clothes but half the time she's seen in her performing clothes since she's always out performing, and she uses the excuse "it's easy to move around in" a lot when asked.
-Ash carries a sitar she had received from the gypsies that raised her. She's not good at it but she's getting there.
-Ash is very much danger prone.
-The G-clef mark on her right is a birthmark.
-Ash seems to have a natural charm when it comes to fire pokemon. She can easily approach them.
-Ashran learned acupuncture from the merchant who gave her HoTsin. She uses this knowledge to paralyze people when running away or stealing from them. She carries around a pouch full of needles along with some extra wires, bombs and fire balls.
-Ash has deadly accuracy and is very flexible and nimble. It makesup for her lack of strength.
-Ashy's an illegitimate child of some prince in a faraway land.

-HoTsin has 4 golden bracelets. Two on the left and two on the right.
-HoTsin's prone to activating his Blaze ability whenever he throws tantrums.

Anatoli: Ashran met this beautiful Doredia Gijinka the day she merged with her partner. The mischievous Ash met with her and since then they were friends. (I DON'T KNOW OTL)
Broden: Ash's father figure~ She loves giving him a headache~
Ace: Ash has a secret crush on him lol She also loves his Arcanine, Tiger, and would borrow him from Ace every once in a while.
Ash is so cute! 8DDDD

B-But...Ace has an Arcanine with the same name as the one I gave mine. ;A;
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